Wrap collection

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The Tree from Oscha – linen, tencel, cotton, Tolkien

It was really nice to use this certainly high quality Oscha Ancients of Gondor Mallorn wrap. Not yet washed and not used at all the wrap feels very soft, comfortable to wear it right on the naked body. My experience of ‘communicating’ with a well worn-linen from Oscha tells me that after washing, and a dozen of carries you can safely put a three months old baby in it. And famous carrying abilities of Oscha’s linen allow you to stay pleased when your squish becomes a weighty Toddler (12 kilos of my ‘personal’ Toddler felt absolutely weightless).


Oscha Menzie Tartan

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? A babywearing love? When you see Him and you don’t care what size it is, but you have to be together!)) I have had this experience at SlingBrunch in Mogilev. Oscha Menzie Tartan! Black color!! “Must have”. Woven wrap — it’s not just a comfort and characteristics, it’s an accessory for the mom, I would say, it’s a “catches-the-eye” accessory!


Oscha Coeur Andrea

A new kind of cotton — ice cotton which is used in Oscha’s wrap production deserves a personal review. Due to amazing qualities of ice cotton it really became a new stage in the world of wrap production. Ice cotton feels like rough, silky and cool material at the same time. It just flows between your fingers, but it gets well in the carry — slight roughness plus frequently repeating pattern helps ice cotton being comfortable in wearing.

Minako Gem Pop-Splash

And so again we were lucky to go for a walk with Diamonds from Minako. This time our wrap was in very bright color, Gem Pop-Splash. So what can I say about this beauty? I think the photos is more than words))) But when this beauty also can carry somebody, you can just say: “The Beauty will save the world”. Well, maybe not the whole world, but the mother’s back and shoulders it will save for sure! This wrap carries ‘by himself’. That’s a fact. Despite its impressive density you won’t feel the ‘greenhouse effect’ due to bourette silk (and not any other kind of a silk)!

Woven Wings Stockinette Spring Greens

In the city of glassteel which stuck in slushy and gray off-season most of the year, we now and then keep dreaming of the sun and the rich colors, keep hiding the spring in our souls and keep wrapping up in a warm and cozy. So this spring my warm-and-cozy was the most wonderful Woven Wings Stockinette Spring Greens wrap, this is what I’m eager to tell you about.