YouTube channel on how to care your baby created by New Zealand father


The name of the channel is “How to Dad” . First of all new dad names and demonstrates various ways to hold a baby in hilarious instructional video.

“While the act of holding your new baby comes naturally for some, for others cradling a newborn can be terrifying. Jordan Watson, a New Zealand father, has helpfully created a video tutorial showing his fellow fathers 17 different ways to do it. The comical video has attracted more than two million hits on YouTube thanks to Mr Watson’s deadpan instructions”, — says Aneeta Bhole for DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA.

  1. Standard shoulder hold
  2. Reverse standard shoulder hold
  3. Need to pick something up chin standard shoulder hold – chin – grab something
  4. Baby Jesus
  5. Double baby Jesus
  6. Stinky nappy for me
  7. Stinky nappy for you
  8. Box of beers
  9. The Telephone
  10. The Dance partner
  11. Bird on wire
  12. Poor man’s front pack
  13. Hide ya beer belly
  14. The rugby ball hold
  15. The other rugby ball hold
  16. Show off to the other dads superman
  17. Show off to other kids fish

“One million people now holding babies like a fish…..crazy,” — the author of the video noticed.

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Source: Daily Mail

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