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Design babywearing coat – this season we have seen a number of new solutions. There is a very large choice of babywearing jackets but BW coat is hard to design. This outerwear should be comfortable and at the same time elegant. We have compiled an overview of the different ideas, from the avant-garde cocoon to chic Arti-Cape, including classic, casual and boho: Mitzi DupreeDiva Outerwear, WrapfunCatherinn StudioArtipoppe, Junah. Information and photographs were provided by the producers themselves. English version: translation by Maria Chernikova.

Mitzi Dupree babywearing coat

Mitzi Dupree babywearing coat (6)  Mitzi Dupree babywearing coat (3) Mitzi Dupree babywearing coat (2) Mitzi Dupree babywearing coat (5) Mitzi Dupree Mitzi Dupree Mitzi Dupree


Designer Natalia Lapkina: «I have created the coat primarily for myself. I had a strong desire to get away from the standard format of babywearing clothes, in particular, from babywearing jackets. Babywearing coat by Mitzi Dupree was perhaps the first stylish coat for mom and baby from noble materials such as wool and cashmere».


Classic in postmodernism. Simple lines, the ability to change the silhouette using the sash.


Autumn, winter, early spring. Most often, the coat is sewn with an inner layer of izosoft, it is lightwheight material behaving well in different temperatures. It is suitable for any weather between +5 C and -15 C, and you can certainly wear it at -20 C, but usually no long walks with babies are possible at this temperature. If the coat is sewn without insulation, it is only suitable for spring and autumn.


Outer material is 100% wool or 100% cashmere fabric; other options are available upon request. Choice of lining: jersey, silk, fine wool and more. Insulation: izosoft.


High-neck collar protects against winds and gives the whole silhouette of a coat somewhat royal charm.



Insert with two zippered pockets can be easily detached, which makes it possible to wear a coat without an insert.

Suitable for back carry

To back carry turn coat at 180 degrees. Then insert would be on the back, and the zipper would be in front.


Insert with a pocket is perfect for any period of pregnancy. In the early months it is possible to emphasize the waist with the sash.

How to buy

Individual tailoring is done according to your wishes. The choice of material, color, trimming lace, with/without the izosoft insulation, separate insert with insulation and other options are to be specified. Appointments are to be made in advance to visit the Mitzi Dupree showroom: Nastasiinsky lane D8., Building 2, 404, please e-mail:

Mitzi Dupree babywearing coat (4) Mitzi Dupree babywearing coat (1)

Pictures: Natalia Dmitrieva, Irina Jacobson, Nina Arkhipova.

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