Slingomamalook: Winter Tales


Before the New Year with fans baby wraps and beautiful clothes was a good excuse to arrange a festive moment and really magic. I’m talking about the competition slingomamalook , which was held in Instagrame organizing team led by Ulyana @wrapfun.

The competition was held for the second time, after the success of this summer. This time the topic of tasks each of the four stages — a fairy tale. Participants tried on four images: Firebird, Jadis the White Witch, Tinker Bell and water beauty Ondine. Fabulous theme worked magically: new frontiers of competition, turning it this time purely wrap-stylish in fantasy. Participants showed not only beautiful looks and photographed, but also wrote fairy tales, do fairy costume details with their hands, were complex collages, even drew pictures and create artistic photo-tales!

The jury assessed the works on the principle of “one more surprised that” so among the finalists were participants with very different approaches. The first-place vote taken, however, unmatched Julia stylish classic, “both from the glossy magazine” images. But the rest of the winners (there were, taking into account the different categories, many) — the most different and diverse.


This fabulous competition is actually a little magic: many participants admitted that he had urged them to do something that goes beyond, and prove yourself … very different. Author Ian collages Jeanne Ovchinnikova, photographer, these works expanded professional opportunities. Lydia Luzhbina, created for the contest almost out of thin air amazing accessories and even dress, prove to yourself that is capable of high-quality and inspired cosplay even with a child. Some were convinced that babywearing makes them even more beautiful. And I, for example, discovered the ability to do high-quality looks at my favorite lifestyle blogs … And even decided not to stop and take pictures every week with my son in a new way — turned to me in a personal project. Of course, each participant had dreamed about the prize — a gift from the Chudesign, Wrapfun, Heartiness, Mitzi Dupree and other wonderful pieces are not hard to imagine. But the main prize for each still become own photos and the chance to feel the magic. More precisely, recall its magic :)

By the way, slingomamalook – is not only valuable contest :) but woven wrap stylish flash mobs. For example, while all come up with looks Pastel . You can go into the account slingomamalook in Instagram and join.

Author: Lidia Pavlova.
Pictures: Julia Bobrova @kobra_bobra, Eugene Zlotar @ievgeniiaz, Alexander Shikhova @shu_ra_la, Lidia Pavlova @possum_li, Irina Ginzburg @troebelok, Maria Derbentseva @meshanina, Olga Zelenaya @olazelenaya, Olga Belyaeva @omegaluna, Anastasia Turchinskaya @stasyazlob, Jeanne Ovchinnikova @magpie_on_a_broom, Lilia Luzhbina @shalfairy, Kristina Nurdinova @kristinanur, Julia Kozlova @iuliya, Diana Borovkova @trend_o_love, Alexandra Tatarinova @zlolotce, Anna Grechukha @decorstudio.wing, Maria Skopina @maria_skopina, Oksana Alkhimovich @kskrs.

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