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We are happy to present you an interview with Babywearing Dad. His Instagram account already has 1672 followers. And the circle of admirers will undoubtedly be even wider, because daily life Babywearing Dad magically attractive. Brutal appearance, pirate smile, quality baby carriers plus tenderness two sweet beauties. The hero introduces himself as: “Director of digital marketing by day, babywearer by night”. Due to the high level of employment interlocutor we so focused on the organization interview that don’t know the name of the wonderful pope. But learned all other details.Oscha Rei Romeo Joy and Joe Shiver Me Paisleys BW Dad with Rioja Girasol Rainbow Gothic Linuschka Chevron Elbe Little Fellows Little Fellows

Would you tell us about your family?

My partner and I have two girls. H is the eldest at 29 months and S is 8 months.

How come you decided to practice baby wearing? What did your family think of it?

I didn’t find out about babywearing until a few days before H was born. In fact, it was my partner that suggested it and it was her that got me in to it!

My side of the family think it’s a little strange, and even dangerous to an extent, but my partners mother wore S for the first time and that was her first time babywering. Firespiral Skulls mother-in-law Oscha Okinami Zen

What is the difference between being baby wearing dad from being baby wearing mom – does that mean there is a need for special ways of wrapping and/or particular wraps? Or might there be some psychological pressure – lack of support in the modern society?

I think the main difference is that babywearing is a great way for the father to bond with their child, but other than that, I don’t think there is much difference. There are a few different carries dad can do because we don’t have boobs! and I think men are more particular in the wraps they use.

Because babywearing is female dominated, I feel dads are not embracing it as much because of the female dominance. After all, pushing a pram/buggy is considered more unisex. Oscha Starry Night Nebula Oscha Starry Night Nebula Oscha Starry Night Nebula Oscha Starry Night Nebula

Do other baby wearing dads contact you? What do they care about concerning parenting or baby wearing issues?

They don’t, but if there are any other dads that want to babywear that are just not sure, reach out to me and I’ll help wherever I can.

Which are you favourite ways of wrapping?

FWCC (Forward Wrap Cross Carry), EJBC (Elvill Jordans BAck Carry) and Reinforced Ruck.

Pavo Zebra Granite Pavo Zebra Granite Oscha Shui Long Scarista Oscha Shui Long Scarista Oscha Shui Long Scarista Oscha Shui Long Scarista

Is it hard to tandemwear?

Not as hard as it looks, no. The hardest part is making sure the kids co-operate!

Which are your favourite wraps? Do you have a huge stash?

At the moment I’m going through a handwoven phase, but I do love Pavo Textiles Gotham and Oscha Shui Long Ember. I have around 20 wraps (I think) so it’s not huge, but not small either.


Oscha Shui Long Ember Pavo Gotham Onyx Pavo Gotham Onyx Pavo Gotham Onyx

You enjoy a wide collection of handwoven wraps. What is the major difference in usage between manufactured and handwoven wraps, to your mind?

Handwoven wraps are a little bit more personal I feel. You can see the love and the attention to detail the weaver has put in to that wrap, and no two hand woven wraps are the same. Machine woven wraps are great and I probably use them more for everyday use and don’t mind getting them dirty as they cost (in most cases) less than handwoven.

Theweavingman wraps Theweavingman wraps Solnce Lotus Aquatic Dance Solnce Lotus Aquatic Dance

Do you practice stalking? Were there any lucky buys?

Haha, I do sometimes. If I really want a wrap I’ll stalk, but I’m on a wrap buying ban at the moment. The best buy was an Artipoppe Blue Tiger.

Are you craving for some special wrap now, wrap of your dream?

Not any more. I recently bought a perfect summer handwoven wrap from Rhockett Weaving.

Кhockett Weaving Кhockett Weaving Кhockett Weaving Кhockett Weaving

Would you tell us about some truly moving moments which involved you, your kids and wraps?

I think the most moving is probably being able to settle S when she is teething. I usually take my shirt off, put her in a wrap and within minutes she is asleep. Wraps and skin to skin are the perfect combination for teething babies.

H went on a wrap strike for a couple of months because she wanted to walk everywhere, but recently, she brought over the Firespiral Skulls and said “On daddies back in wrap” which made me a very happy boy.

Firespiral Skulls Firespiral Skulls Lawilde Latreille Khloris Lawilde Latreille Asherah

Pavo Etini CoalDo you think it is possible for baby wearing to become the essential part of any parenting some day?

Most definitely. I seriously don’t know how I would have coped if I didn’t find babywearing, and I recommend to everyone try it and you will love it.

Interviewed: Alesia Firsova, Julia Nurmagambetova.

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