Artipoppe Tweed Pepper


It just so happened that the Great Britain, namely one of its small, but proud parts, Scotland – became Motherland of the most classical patterns, used for clothes. And it is not only tartane, but also houndstooth.

French call it “pied-de-poule”, “pied-de-coq” (“duck’s step”, “chicken leg”) , and Gemans – “Hahnentritt” (“chicken step”). The name is quite specific of course, but the pattern really looks like dog’s fangs or duck’s steps.

This effect reaches because of special racked twinning with two contrast threads, classically – white and black. As a result we may see a very interesting picture with abstract broken check.

For a long time the pattern was Britain’s legacy and was used for making of business attire.

Houndstooth became a world-popular by virtue of Coco Chanel and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie.

In 1950 Dior used “houndstooth” not only as dresses’ and jackets’ fabric, but also decorated perfume bottle Miss Dior with it.


Le pied-de-poule, Dior

The pattern became a real classic one, staying blameless in different sizes and colors. A new peak of popularity was in the beginning of our century. Several collections with the “houndstooth” appeared simultaneously, the patterns were used in Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emporio Armani and Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Sonia Rykiel collections.


In wrapworld everything is the same as in haute-couture world. Нoundstooth appeared in limited collections of Didymos: anthracite classics (later refashioned made up a standard assortment), Pink Houndstooth, and gorgeous olive-lilac wooly Audrey (salut to “Breakfast as Tiffany’s” and beautiful Audrey Hepburn).


Wrap producers Lenny Lamb and Pelicano baby also showed their interpretation of this pattern.

But the most successful houndstooth wraps were created by Artipoppe. The first experiments were wraps with the pattern H.H. devoted to great fashion designers: Alfred De Pinna, Oscar De la Renta, Alexander McQueen.

Artipoppe H.H. de Pinna
Artipoppe H.H. de Pinna

Short while later wraps Tweed appeared (greetings to Coco and her elegant tweed jackets): classical houndstooth in different colors, luxurious blends and permanent high quality.

Tweed Pepper is an incredibly beautiful wrap. The combination of two different in weight and softness yarns, shimmering silver linen and soft absolutely non-ticklish merino in ultra-fashionable color of marsala create fantastic relief. The wrap is so cuddlesome, that one is eager to palm it. Gibbose tooth of smooth linen interchanges with the soft wool, deep marsala with glittering silver.

The wrap is mid-thick for Artipoppe, very houling one, moreover very comfortable in wrapping. Linen is incredibly soft and flexible, one or two wrappings and you have ideal easy wrap. There is superwash merino in blend, that let it be machine washed.

Glamorous, stylish, comfortable.

Absolutely, that is luxurious classics.

Artipoppe Tweed Pepper Artipoppe Tweed Pepper Artipoppe Tweed Pepper Artipoppe Tweed Pepper

Written by Oxana Alkhimovich
Translated by Marina Zheleznitskaya
Pictures: Artipoppe
Video by Nina Arkhipova
Video editing: vityaeizm

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