Cotton Colors: Divya и Lotus


Cotton Colors Slings is a new project of Cotton Clouds. They started with hand woven wraps and carries on with machine woven ones. That seems logical. Therefore, you wait something special from such project as Cotton Colors. They’ve already had experience, understanding how market works, contact with the audience.

It is necessary to say that the expectations are met. The brand Cotton released a decent product. The colors are very beautiful and soft, the patterns are nice. This is the first release of machine wraps. They have some interesting plans to improve the quality and composition in the future, but asked not to reveal all the secrets.

Cotton Colors Divya Royal

40% mulberry silk, 60% cotton

Well, Divya

The wrap is thin, soft, and very cushy with nice grip. It’s perfect for babies. Of course, it needs a wash and iron before babywearing as another wrap. You can feel the mulberry silk in Divya wrap which is not buttery but extremely soft.


Cotton Colors Divya Royal Cotton Colors Divya Royal Cotton Colors Divya Royal Cotton Colors Divya Royal

Cotton Colors Lotus Neon

40% tussah silk, 60% cotton

CC loves thin cushy wraps and stays true to themselves. Lotus is stronger than Divya as tussah silk is stronger blend. But it’s nice and easy to wrap, very comfortable with babies and older kids if you’re sophisticated in babywearing. I really like incredible combination of pastel shades. A rhythmic pattern tones down cold shimmer of colors.

Cotton Colors Lotus Neon Cotton Colors Lotus Neon Cotton Colors Lotus Neon

Author of text and photos: Nina Arkhipova.
Translation: Svetlana Skakun.

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