Harma Ametrine Dragon


Ametrine is a mineral from Bolivia of a rare beautiful color, which combines play of warm citrine and full tone of amethyst. Ametrine Dragon by Harma looks gorgeous and uncommon. Interesting color composition of the cloth let use this sling with different style solutions.

Composition: 100% mercerized cotton,
Density: 290 gr/m2

If you’d like to fall into Mother of Dragons persona from “Games of Thrones”, this wrap will suit you. Some bijouterie of glass and metal, raised eyebrow, and unseeable wings rise behind your back.

Color composition is really beautiful and precious, I love down tones with deep udertones and play of shades.

One may also remember of golden firedrake Smaug from “Hobbit” by Tolkien.
Orange thread is luring through purple by continuous tone and shimmers in the sun. If you are allied to Tolkien’s worlds, you’ll never miss Ametrine Dragon.


If you are far from any bestiary and fantasy universe, then in the real world unusual combination of purple and orange on the dark base makes this wrap by Harma an excellent daily variant. On the one hand, there is an unstainable and informal color, on the other – there is intrigue reflection of gradation. With any base outfit the wrap will make your image graceful and stylish.

This Dragon by Harma differs from the previous tester. First of all, it is weaved more loose, threads in the wrap are shifting and stretching diagonally. Secondly – 100% mercerized cotton is used. That makes the cloth smoother and nice on the touch. But one should wrap more accurately. The wrap is more airy, more pliant and cuddle.
Tactile mercerized cotton is much more pleasant than ordinary cotton. There is no bounce in the wrap. It’s especially comfortable for babies under 8 kilos.

Harma Amerint Dragon Harma Amerint Dragon Harma Amerint Dragon Harma Amerint Dragon Harma Amerint Dragon Harma Amerint Dragon

Written by Nina Arkhipova
Photos by Nina Arkhipova
Translated by Marina Zheleznitskaya

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