Heartiness M-Twill Sand Spit Babycamel


Many years ago, in the beginning of my babywearing, there were two brands of hand woven wraps. The first brand was Vatanai with its legendary and unique Pamir. And the second one was Heartiness that produced beautiful and gentle silk, cashmere and merino, puffy cotton, sophisticated colors. Kilometers of wraps. They had success even as cut pieces for wide scarfs; they immediately won the love of Russian babywearing moms. Hum, I had long treated skeptically to the beauty, which was very prone to pulls. I thought that’s too expensive, or very gentle composition. You could wear it around the neck, but not wrap a big baby. But time moves on, wonderful babies are born, and Heartiness’s girls forge ahead. They have new patterns, experiment with compositions, beautiful gradation, excellent quality, collaborate with the Belarusian fashion designers, and have really custom-friendly service.

This wrap was not random. It was February and disgustingly dirty. I needed painfully spring, so a blue oversize coat was bought. But tough luck! This coat would match to either a blue wrap or sand-colored one. Blue of definite shade was wanted as sophisticated blue of Artipoppe Tyger Vagabond seemed lavender next to the coat and was scary discordant. Gray was boring, navy was boring either. I was in torment all spring long, selecting wraps from my stash that would match. Best of all was pink and neon yellow wraps, but everything was WRONG)))

Heartiness M-Twill Sand Spit Babycamel (4)As a result, I had an image of the ideal autumn-winter wrap in my head. It was perfectly painted with hands of Olga Ponomareva from Heartiness. Sandy-blue. There are the Baltic Sea, piercing wind, wet sand, clouds running across the sky, sand spit in this wrap. Our northern summer is perfect time to start wearing in Heartiness Sand spit, as well as fall, winter, spring… and summer.

There is warm soft babycamel in composition. Great, grippy and toddler-proof M-twill weave delighted me even when I tested Greenland with tencel.


This wrap is fluffy, soft, cuddly, cozy, and extra wide. I use it for FWCC (front wrap cross carry) when the weather is nasty and wet. I thrust red chilly hands into a warm cocoon with such a heavy baby (teach me not to forget the gloves) and get warm. I picture myself on a sandy beach of the Curonian Spit where the wind and cold salt spray, a hat is pulled over nose, and my son and me are always warm.

Heartiness M-Twill Sand Spit Babycamel (3)

Review: Oxana Alkhimovich.
Pictures: Nina Arkhipova.
Translation: Svetlana Skakun.

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