Linuschka Bolero Absinthe


Linuschka Bolero Absinthe wrap looks without any doubts absolutely gorgeous. But one cannot approximately determine its wrapping character. And its bright floral pattern is not a simple one. Beyond the expression of pattern one may follow the talent of Modern Period’s French artist, multiplied by cooperation with the great couturier Paul Poiret. All details are in our review with the photosession from the bank of Neva in the heart of frozen St.Petersburg

Wrap is very rich in tactile – there are both softness, and grippy, and dense, and slick. Cotton, silk and round tightly fittered Jaccard pattern – it works very good together and tells the best on wrap performance.

It cannot wrap itself, but helps very actively. Slips where necessary, when needed – grips. Gives ideal straps, namely as much as needed, and single knot keeps wrap without any complaints.

One can definitely feel silk in it, and the silk is very intimate indeed, filling silk – it gives very cuddle internal moldability with external grip, looks like woolen wrap in the cold.

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Wrap is beautiful and special. City silver flowers show its modern essence and ancestry, and it ascends neither more nor less then to Paul Poiret.

The pattern of wrap is directly inspired by the ornament of young fauvist-artist Raoul Dufy, whom Poiret invited for manufacture breakthrough cooperation of those times – creation of new textile.

The breakthrough took place, Paul Poiret forever remained as a founder of fashion in 20th century, and Dufy’s pattern, used when famous coat La Perse was creating, returned after hundred years in Linuschka Bolero release.


The coat La Perse by Paul Poiret, fabric after Dufy’s sketch, 1911 (source: and woven baby wrap Linuschka Bolero Absinthe, 2015

La Perse - Paul Poiret & Raoul Dufy - 1911 Linuschka Bolero Absinthe 5

Mix of luxury of early twentieth, which haven’t withstood the pressure of world wars and scientific and technological revolution and facilities of primitive nomadic peoples for carrying babies in one object looks like an oxymoron.

But only at first sight – if we look a little closer, we may see that namely in this way we have to wear coat of La Perse rank – with the dearest baby inside. Namely in this way one have to wrap baby – with pleasure and opportunities this crazy century.

Everything possibly should be perfect in a person =)

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Written by: Anna Ptashchuk.
Fotos by: Nina Arkhipova.
Translation: Marina Zheleznitskaya.

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