Minako Gem Pop-Splash


And so again we were lucky to go for a walk with Diamonds from Minako. This time our wrap was in very bright color, Gem Pop-Splash. So what can I say about this beauty? I think the photos is more than words))) But when this beauty also can carry somebody, you can just say: “The Beauty will save the world”. Well, maybe not the whole world, but the mother’s back and shoulders it will save for sure! This wrap carries ‘by himself’. That’s a fact. Despite its impressive density you won’t feel the ‘greenhouse effect’ due to bourette silk (and not any other kind of a silk)!

Textured and nicely rough on the front side, silky smooth from the inside. This perfect balance of opposing textures gives the wrap an excellent tenacity and ease on wrapping and pulling.

In comparison with his ‘twin brother’ Ruby Gem (with tsumugi silk) the Pop-Splash feels thinner, although their density and composition are identical completely. Lighter and thinner bourette is better for summer and also bourette fans would be pleased with its unique smell. This wrap is perfect for those who want amazing elastic wrap but don’t like thick and puffy wraps)) Wrap’s fabric distributes baby’s weight perfectly and provides heat exchange: hygroscopic Egyptian cotton touches the body of the baby, at the same time bourette silk provides heat transfer to the outside as its structure is loose, the bourette itself is springy and cooling.


Pop-Splash colors, unlike its fellow’s colors are bright and strong – rich deep berry alternates with the high saturated fuchsia from the inside out. Diamonds in wrap’s pattern are glowing with its brilliance and color. It’s a pity that the wrap has only one front side. I would love to wear it inside out. Its underside has beautiful and saturated color.

This wrap gently hugs, creates a gentle embrace, lulls your crying baby. Exquisite appearance, exquisite performance characteristics, uncompromised brightness – and you’re the queen of ‘wrappy style’.)) Who can resist it?! ?

Minako Gem Pop-SplashMinako Gem Pop-Splash Minako Gem Pop-Splash Minako Gem Pop-Splash Minako Gem Pop-Splash
Minako Gem Pop-Splash Minako Gem Pop-Splash Minako Gem Pop-SplashMinako Gem Pop-SplashMinako Gem Pop-SplashMinako Gem Pop-Splash
Minako Gem Pop-Splash Minako Gem Pop-SplashMinako Gem Pop-Splash

Text: Ruzanna Dzhagaryan.
Translated by Olga Starobinsky.
Photos and Video: Nina Arkhipova.
Video Editing: Julia Nurmagambetova.

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