Mokosh Thistle Pink: A sling that should be wrаpped


I was really sure, that pink colors do not suit me. But when my daughter was born – the stash became pink in all shades of this color and I couldn’t miss a chance to test a wrap Thistle Pink by Mokosh.

It’s very elegant, without flecked fibers. Only pink field with milk-white thistles.

First idea, when I saw it, was marshmallow, sweet and tender. And even thistle’s thorns do not seem so sharp, as with Thistle Mizgir. I simply adored synergy of pattern and color.

It’s impossible to touch this sling and understand it without wrapping. In this case it was really necessary. The wrap is a bit rough and thick. But when I was making room for my baby (FWCC), I felt softness of the sheet and it was very comfortable for my shoulders. When regulating, the wrap was very “friendly” and let tighten all rails properly on the fly. It hugs firmly, knot is very neat, wrap is very nice to feel.

3 cotton layers guard against wind. Thistles do not give volume despite high density 259 gr\sq.m , wrap soft and tender. There is enough flexibility even for jumping toddlers without any significant impact on wrapping. Pattern helps to keep it as it is.


Pink thistles left an impression of blossoming sakura in my mind and fabric hand as sweet and soft marshmellow.

Mokosh Thistle Pink

Mokosh Thistle Pink Mokosh Thistle Pink Mokosh Thistle Pink

Mokosh Thistle PinkMokosh Thistle Pink Mokosh Thistle Pink Mokosh Thistle Pink Mokosh Thistle Pink

Written by Marina Zheleznitskaya.
Photos: Nina Arkhipova

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