Oscha Coeur Andrea


A new kind of cotton — ice cotton which is used in Oscha’s wrap production deserves a personal review. Due to amazing qualities of ice cotton it really became a new stage in the world of wrap production. Ice cotton feels like rough, silky and cool material at the same time. It just flows between your fingers, but it gets well in the carry — slight roughness plus frequently repeating pattern helps ice cotton being comfortable in wearing.

But when you add a gorgeous linen to ice cotton, mix and knead it generously and then weave the loose pattern of Coeur Andrea, you are to get a perfect summer cocktail. Light and airy weave of this wrap is perfect for a hot day. The fabric thinness helps avoid overheating. Fine hight quality linen is cooling and hygroscopic. Ice cotton feels like woven with the cool mist.

Coeur Andrea provides a perfect fit for the baby and for the toddler. Thin and loose tissue is very plastic and hugs a baby so you can really become a Guru of a Carry :) you can also easily adjust the tension of this thin and tender fabric in rings. Slightly rough ice cotton fabric does not slip.

Oscha Coeur Andrea Oscha Coeur Andrea


Coeur Andrea is also suitable for heavy and big babies. The linen with its famous supporting abilities combined with a cool ice cotton, makes the carrying of a big kid (in a seemingly weightless RS) a fun experience. Beautiful and unusual color of this RS is great for everyday and can be a decoration of any summer holiday. If you are going to the wedding of the younger sister and you have a toddler of a kind “I run a lot, and then I get back to the wrap” the RS Coeur Andrea would be a good help. Gentle, flowing and obviously convenient, this ring sling will give you lots of joyful moments!

Also Coeur Andrea ring sling could be a good choice for those who is looking for a summer cool wrap for short-time babywearing. However, I would have keep this RS for other seasons – for its captivating thinness, lightness and flexibility.

Oscha Coeur Andrea Oscha Coeur Andrea Oscha Coeur Andrea Oscha Coeur Andrea Oscha Coeur Andrea Oscha Coeur Andrea Oscha Coeur Andrea Oscha Coeur Andrea Oscha Coeur Andrea

Text, Photos and Video: Nina Arkhipova.
Translated by Olga Starobinsky.
Video Editing: Julia Nurmagambetova.

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