Oscha Menzie Tartan

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? A babywearing love? When you see Him and you don’t care what size it is, but you have to be together!)) I have had this experience at SlingBrunch in Mogilev. Oscha Menzie Tartan! Black color!! “Must have”. Woven wrap — it’s not just a comfort and characteristics, it’s an accessory for the mom, I would say, it’s a “catches-the-eye” accessory!

Oscha Menzie Tartan

Tartan is amazing! Suitable for super-trendy grunge style (we participated the Belarusian contest of babywearing style, yes), and for a comfortable casual style. Look at this)

Oscha Menzie Tartan Oscha Menzie Tartan Oscha Menzie Tartan Oscha Menzie Tartan

A special note about the characteristics: 100% good old cotton. Supportive! As they say, vandal-proof. But quite gentle. Dense. Being wrapped in Tartan you do not feel hot even on a summer day (in spite of the color).

It is not antigravity, but well-kept 11 kg who can not walk.

Carry is not inaccurate. But it’s the first wrap that I helped to wrap my husband))

Oscha Menzie Tartan

Absolutely permastash. Love at first sight and for all babywearing life!)

Text and photo: Julia Kozhemyako

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