Oscha Zorro Midnight


Zorro Midnight is a prototype of a new Oscha’s wrap with foxes. Blend is experimental: cotton with silk and alpaca. As a result we may see one of the masterpieces in wrap-art for toddlers, with excellent parameter’s balance blend-pattern-color-density for this challenge. How is it displayed in test-drive?

Once upon a time, in 2011, two children and one babywearing epoch ago, I had a good fortune to see an astonishing wrap with wool — Roses Noel by Oscha

The next wrap of dream — Braid Rosehip. Lovely quiet color and excellent wrapping features, real icon! Alas, scratchy comparing to delicate cashmeres, just coming into fashion in 2012.

However, Oscha is a brand which you cannot ever be tired of. Permanent experiment, permanent search, permanent challenge to wrap-weekdays’ boredom. I dreamed to test a new pattern Zorro from the moment of its appearance. Dynamic design, resembling to Raja pattern, promised a good grip and good pliability at the same time. It worked out the way it did. Fine wavy pattern breaks the sheet of wrap to many segments and gives direction, on which the wrap must be tighten – it’s a real pleasure. So, sling in Zorro pattern is easy to regulate and it is not weakening if you made a mistake when wrapped. It‘s paradoxial and very good combination.

Oscha Zorro Midnight

Woolen blend of alpaca is diluted with silk and cotton of high quality (40% organic combed cotton, 40% wild Silk and 20% Royal Alpaca). Tender alpaca and smooth silk give pretty softness to the tightly woven sling. However, density of the wrap is quite relative: due to compact pattern stiches may be done a bit wider, and that will give necessary bulk for comfortable bounce appearance.


Despite the announced density of 370 gr/m2 wrap doesn’t look and feel like thick sling, which is to be tamed, handled and softened. It became fluff after wash, became softer, and slipped through the fingers as a silky river.

It’s ideal Oscha-wool both for heavy toddlers and for cherubic babies. It’s ideal for ring sling, ideal to cut a piece for a neckerchief. It’s ideal to hang up as a picture and admire the magical pattern.

Thank you, Oscha!

Oscha Zorro Midnight Oscha Zorro Midnight Oscha Zorro Midnight Oscha Zorro Midnight Oscha Zorro Midnight
Oscha Zorro Midnight Oscha Zorro Midnight

Written by Nina Arkhipova
Photos and video by Nina Arkhipova
Translated by Marina Zheleznitskaya

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