Polotno Symphony Winter Daydreams


At the meetings of babywearing moms Polotno Symphony Winter Daydreams always causes a stir, moms study a fancy pattern, touch, marvel at softness, wrap a running child, and say, ‘I do not want to take it off!’.

What is the attraction of Winter Daydreams? Certainly its performance parameters. The wrap is extremely soft, airy and very fluffy. I used in a FWCC (front wrap cross carry) and it is very moldable and very cushy on the shoulders. Tightening is easy though I would say that this wrap does not provide a great grip as some other wraps. But it isn’t slippery at all. The wrap was really supportive even in the single layer for my two years toddler as I didn’t spread the layers. The knot is quite bulky, it takes a certain skill to make it double.

Symphony Winter Daydreams

Symphony Winter Daydreams Symphony Winter Daydreams Symphony Winter Daydreams Symphony Winter Daydreams

Due to the fluffiness, the wrap is more likely for winter, and the name stands on its own. I suspected wool in blend. Since there was no any marker with blend, I had to look for the information on the brand site. It is hard to believe that Winter Dreams is only cotton blend wrap; actually, 60% combed cotton and 40% Peruvian Pima cotton, which gives softness and moldability.


Pattern. The pattern is ‘… an attempt to capture the music on the texture’. The wrap is named after the Tchaikovsky’s Symphony №1 Winter Daydreams. I asked Anna Svetich one of the creators why she chose these colors? She said, ‘I can not exactly explain why dark colors are associated with the Russian winter, and this music … Perhaps I feel our winter as the difficult time without light despite the holidays. I hear the same mood in this symphony: long way, long winter, spiritual experiences, and sweet dreams. If not for light frost and Christmas and New Year’s celebrations – these motives are scattered across Symphony — it would go hard with us’.

Symphony Winter Daydreams
Symphony Winter Daydreams Symphony Winter Daydreams

What images does this wrap evoke in you? For me, in this pattern there are vast endless forests, and the smell of pine needles, and frozen nose and cheeks, and expectation of the fire warmth, and Pushkin with its storm (‘Winter evening’) and ‘Blizzard’. Each new image produces the other one. The combination of green and burgundy evokes of Christmas just around the corner. The wrap appears multifaceted and conceptual. Perhaps it is the case when the form and content are in perfect balance.

Coming down from poetry to physics, I summarize: Symphony Winter Daydreams is definitely not for babies, it will be perfect for toddlers and those who love the soft fluffy wraps.

Author of text: Svetlana Skakun.
Pictures in action: Nina Arkhipova.
Pictures with wrap: Kristina Maksimova.

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