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This is a translation review a year ago from the blog Slinging Joey . It leads already known our readers British slingomama Samantha Potter. The publication was long overdue because of organizational problems — now these wraps can easily be found on our open spaces. But examine the faithful description of the tester, together with pleasant pictures always interesting BW-addict moms.

Brand: Woven Wings
Type: Dark Feathers (tester wrap)
Blend: 73% cotton, 27% wool
Size: 6
Woven Wings Dark Feathers Woven Wings Dark Feathers

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to try out this beautiful Woven Wings wrap. Woven Wings are a brand new company here in the UK, whose debut pre-order recently sold out within 24 hours. They have already released two different patterns, and the one that arrived on my doorstep at the end of last week was ‘Dark Feathers’.

I was immediately surprised at how smooth this wrap was to touch, as the pictures I had seen had given me the impression it would be very textured. However, this wool blend wrap is smooth, soft and mouldable and on the thinner side of medium thickness. However, it has a dense weave, meaning that it feels like a strong and sturdy wrap despite not being particularly thick. I wouldn’t have immediately known it contained wool, as there is none of the classic ‘itchy’ feeling often associated with wool wraps, and yet on further inspection the wool became apparent mainly due to the wonderful blankety softness.

The first carry I tried was a FWCC. I immediately noticed that the wrap felt a little bit narrower than some of the other wraps I’ve been using lately. However, Joey is very tall (the height of an average 3 year old at 23 months old), and the wrap comfortably came up to the level of his arm pits, and I could have adjusted it slightly to have come up higher (I’m used to using particularly wide wraps recently), so I can’t see the width being a problem for the vast majority of people. I preferred the wrap with the cross passes spread, just to give me a little more support for Joey’s weight. The wrap was incredibly easy to wrap with. It has the perfect amount of diagonal stretch, and moulded into shape perfectly. It was easy to pull into place and tighten due to its fairly smooth feel, and I found it comfortable to use whilst Joey had a nap.

I also tried a double hammock carry, and this is where this wrap entered another league! This wrap is the perfect double hammock wrap! It is so soft and pulls into place so easily. I was able to pull the cross passes across my back and tighten it all up with ease, so that the weight was distributed perfectly across the chest pass and shoulders. The slightly narrower width also made no difference to a double hammock. I’ve really enjoyed using this wrap and it is quite different to many other wraps I’ve tried. It reminded me slightly of Oscha’s Alto Bluebell in that it was a slightly thinner wrap, but still very supportive with a lovely glide, and yet Feathers feels like it has a denser weave compared to Alto Bluebell (although not as dense a weave as a lot of the Pavo wraps). Woven Wings already has an enthusiastic following, and after trying this wrap I can see why! I’m really looking forward to receiving my preordered wrap now that this beautiful Dark Feathers is flying off to its next tester.


Woven Wings Dark Feathers Woven Wings Dark Feathers

Woven Wings Dark Feathers Woven Wings Dark Feathers

Woven Wings Dark Feathers - Oscha SN Shona - Oscha Roses Scarista - Artipoppe Akka
Colour comparison top to bottom: Dark Feathers, Oscha SN Shona, Oscha Roses Scarista and Artipoppe Akka.
Woven Wings Dark Feathers - Bebe Sachi Twilight - Pavo Etini Fuchsia - Artipoppe Akka
Width comparison top to bottom: Bebe Sachi Twilight is particularly wide, Pavo Etini Fuchsia and Artipoppe Akka are average width (many of my Oscha wraps are also this width) and Woven Wings Dark Feathers.

Monday, 4 November 2013
Author of text and pictures: Samantha Potter.
Source: Review: Woven Wings Dark Feathers

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