Solnce Phases Moon Tester


This Solnce slings tester is first wrap with raspberry weave what I wrapped. I am very curious about this. Also I’m interested in the blend of fabric: cupro and cotton.

Solnce Phases raspberry weave

Cupro is a new fiber for me. According to the manufacturer it’s a type of rayon made by cotton seeds. Silky hygroscopic yarn. This fiber needs delicate washing at 30°.

So I unpacked my parsel and primarily washed this wrap by hand. Soft from the bag, after washing it became a cushy blanket. It’s impossible to believe that it never been wrapped! Now I know exactly what “cushy on the shoulders” is. But I would not recommend this wrap for tiny newborns. It’s thick, airy weave, bouncy. Does not slick and keeps on one knot. It’s very difficult to tie a double knot! But it is really supportive.

Solnce Phases raspberry weave Solnce Phases raspberry weave

Solnce Phases Moon wrap with gentle touch surface contains а magic air. What does this airflow consist of? A quiet breath of wind, a pre-dawn fog, a conversation between two fish in a pond, a secret of sweet baby dreams… Over all this, the moon is constantly changing through a cycle of phases.

Solnce Phases raspberry weave  Solnce Phases raspberry weave  Solnce Phases raspberry weave

Solnce Phases raspberry weave Solnce Phases raspberry weave

Text and Video: Julia Nurmagambetova
Photos: Elena Kochetkova


A Guide on the different Solnce slings weaves


A form of triweave. This weave is soft and moldable. It has a subtle bounce and the tendency to enhance the yarns qualities. Silk will become more soft and have more stretch, wool will have more bounce and so on. It has an amazing stretch and wraps like a bandage.


Tight weave (in terms of space between the fibers), one warp, two wefts. Strong wrap jobs!

Raspberry weave

Hybrid between triweave and softweave what is comes to how tight your wrap job gets. You get the support of the triweave but the wrap job is tight and bandage-like as a softweave. Airier/more space between fibers than triweave. It’s an advanced kind of dubble cloth, a bit bouncy.

Strawberry weave

Most space between fibers of them all. Very airy and very cushy! Also an advanced kind of double cloth, more bouncy.

Blackberry weave

Reminds of raspberry but has thick threads as weft, bouncy. Has room for a big and a thin yarn, allowing them to work together without the thinner yarn being full of air holes.

Cloudberry weave

It is a variation of the triple cloth, i.e. the wraps have three layers. Wraps like a cloud on your shoulders hence the name; it is an airy, cushy and forgiving weave, yet not pull-prone.


4 yarns, snug version of strawberry weave in terms of cushiness, strong like the triweave.


5 yarns, amazingly cushy and lightweight. The weave has a network shape, there are two cloths on each side, holding a tube. Very fluffy, very comfortable and with good support.

Source: Solnce Slings

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